2018 has been a RECORD year in every sense of the word!  We had the highest guest count for our 14 year history and registered the greatest number of days fished on the boat charter side.  Ultimately, we are all so thankful and blessed this season with fantastic fishing and amazing returning guests and new visitors.  Thank you for allowing us to do what we LOVE!

If you’re thinking about visiting the Lodge, please contact us at 1-800-8548791 or   There are sold out dates all ready so please call us to reserve your spot!

Please check out the video below showcasing our lux amenities and top notch fishing program.  Come see why we were ranked in 2018 as the top 25 hotels in Costa Rica AND the top 25 in service in Costa Rica.

The Zancudo Lodge Top 25 Hotel / The Ultimate Fishing Adventure

Wow! What an incredible opening we are having this season!
Due to the local conservation efforts, Costa Rica has finally limited the issuing of permits to TUNA SEINERS from 47 to now 7 and their catch is exclusively shipped to the local cannery. In addition to this, the seiners have to fish outside of our 40 mile perimeter and this singlehandedly has made the tuna bite nothing less than sensational. Our guests are running into massive schools daily with the tuna biting live bait cedar plugs and poppers. We’ve landed fish weighing over 200lbs and averaging in the 80lb range.
Dorados are still plentiful as well. As for the Marlin, the blue water has been moving in so most boats are landing between 2-8 daily.
With the support of our amazing sponsors, our guests will be fishing with top of the line gear!
Our brand new Contenders 32st cruise at 47mph which will get you out to the fishing grounds faster… you more time to fish.
Our entire fleet is equipped with the latest Raymarine electronics. Bring along your own music library which will be Bluetooth’d to our premium Rockford Fosgate sound systems. Yeti Coolers will definitely keep your catch and your beverages ice cold.
Only a few spaces remain for the rest of this season so don’t wait!   Call for your ultimate fishing experience at 1-800-8548791.

Fishing Report (3-11 March 2017)

As we begin the month of March we are running at full capacity at the lodge and although the bite has been a bit tough going at times our crews are keeping the rods bent and our guests happy. March is considered ‘prime time’ for sailfish in Costa Rica and the fish are definitely here. We’re seeing countless free jumpers offshore and there are days that we had no trouble getting them to bite, while other days they seem to have a serious case of lockjaw.

There’s always something to catch here and when the billfish aren’t cooperating, we focus on Yellowfin Tuna, and there’s been some really explosive days when our guests get to feel the might of these hard fighting ocean predators. Let’s just say that there is no shortage of fresh tuna steaks/sashimi at the dinner table. There’s also been a few Dorado around and one angler, Matt Buckingham caught an absolute monster. (Above)

We have had our share of Blue Marlin too and that is a welcome bonus.  Inshore, its business as usual; roosterfish aka  “Pez Gallo” are always willing to play and we’ve got plenty to go around.

Last week Zancudo Lodge  hosted 14 guests from Smith & Wesson (USA) and we thought it would be great fun to have a fun tournament. (See Video) Anglers paired up for five days (7 boats) of friendly competition amongst friends and it turned out to be a huge success. James Debny, Tripper Dickson, Brian Murphy, Matt Buckingham, Lane Tobiassen, John Dineen, Jeff Forsberg, Jim Gianlandis, William Green, Chris Cole, Brian Phillips, Flint Virgets, Larry Massimo and Wylie Smith all had a wonderful time fishing with us.

The group released 3 Blue Marlin, 29 Sailfish, several good sized  Yellowfin Tuna, Dorado, Roosterfish and Snappers during the tournament. Brian Murphy and Chris Cole took 1st place (800 points) during the tournament while Matt Buckingham and Bill Green finished a close 2nd place (750 points), followed by James Debby and Brian Phillips in 3rd place (700 points).

Most of these guys had never been to Costa Rica before but I suspect that many of them will be thinking about returning with their families in the near future to enjoy the best fishing available is Costa Rica.This week we’ve got lots of great photos to share and as they say a “a picture tells a thousands words”. There is still lots of fishing to do this month so please keep on checking our fishing reports and we hope to see you down at Zancudo Lodge soon.

Tight Lines,

Albert Battoo
Zancudo Lodge, Costa Rica

Fishing Report (20 February – 2 March 2017)

As we approach the end of February there has been very noticeable improvement offshore with more Sailfish showing up between 10 and 15 miles from the Matapalo Point. The bite has been a bit sporadic on a few days but our captains are very persistent, searching the seemingly endless ocean for temperature breaks, rips or anything unusual that may hold fish. I recall a particular day that there were so many free jumping sailfish that I lost count after twenty. Nonetheless, we were able to get the hook in several sails and we’re sure that any day now the bite will explode.

We have also noticed that the billfish are not teasing very well, and the majority of bites, with the exception of a couple all came on the long, chin-weighted swimming ballyhoo baits, fished on very light leaders. When these critters get finicky sometimes its the little things that make all the difference. Scale down the terminal tackle, 50 lb. fluorocarbon if you have to and smaller circle hooks,  and I promise you that your odds will improve. The water temperature seems to be returning to normal, currently 84-85 however it still remains a bit too high, and although the tuna schools were around, the bite was a bit tough. Captain Coco and Javier found a few nice sized fish early last week.

There marlin action was not very explosive last week but a couple guests got lucky on a some blue marlin. Rick Sullivan and his wife Sharon were here along with buddy Pete Sails and Amy Spring. Rick’s dream was to catch a marlin and he accomplished just that. The fish was estimated at around 200 lbs. His buddy Pete also released a number of Sailfish too. Congrats Pete on your bucket list fish!

Blue Marlin-Release

The inshore bite has remained very consistent over the past few months and we are surely grateful for that. Costa Rica touts some of the best rooster-fishing available along the eastern Pacific and not to mention a wonderful Cubera Snapper fishery. You can pretty much run through 40 baits on a typical inshore day here which makes for some really great fun on light tackle. Grouper, Yellowtail  and Colorado Snapper, Jack Crevalle, Snook, Sierra Mackerel and Bluefin Trevally are just some of the variety available inshore, and there’s usually plenty to go around. I’d like to give a special mention to Patrick and Julie Nye who came to visit us at  Zancudo Lodge to celebrate Julie’s 60th Birthday. This couple are certainly no strangers to Costa Rica and have been returning to the land of ‘pura vida‘ for many years. Julie’s birthday wish was a Roosterfish and on the day, captain Tito put her on a really nice fish; mission accomplished! Congratulations Julie, we know that this was one special trip for both and we are sure we will see you again in the future. Next week we expecting a full house with 8 boats fishing for 5 days so stay tuned in for our next fishing report. I’m sure i’ll have some great stories to tell.

Tight Lines!
Albert Battoo

The Zancudo Lodge, Costa Rica

Fishing Report (12-19 February 2017)

We are in the height of our high season at The Zancudo Lodge and with the club running at full capacity its all hands on deck. The weather has been absolutely perfect with flat calm seas and lots of sunshine and our guests are happy to be out of the cold winter. The HIGHLIGHT of the week would definitely be that the inshore fishing has been excellent all week with lots of trophy size Cubera Snapper and Roosterfish that  kept our guests busy with bent rods and tight lines.  Every week we record some spectacular catches and this one was no different. Alec Shultz set the bar pretty high,releasing a MONSTER 65+ lb.Roosterfish while fishing with Capt. Javier.

It’s been a really challenging week offshore for billfish and although we have seen some improvement, the Sailfish and Marlin bite has been tough going here and mostly all thorough Costa Rica.

The water temperature has been a bit high lately but as I write this report the conditions have been steadily improving and we did manage to find a few Sailfish offshore. The bite will turn on soon we are sure of that! 

Last week Seth Frankel returned to his favorite fishing spot with his sons Zachary and Jacob. This is the Frankel’s 8th fishing trip to Zancudo Lodge and most of the staff here regard them as extended family.  The boys had an awesome time chasing sailfish and Yellowfin Tuna offshore and they absolutely crushed the inshore fishing. Seth loves to catch tuna and on their second day out Cap’t Rafa found them. He caught a really solid fish in the high 70’s and Zack also scored a good one on the popper. Both Jacob and Zack also released a few Sails and had a great time inshore catching some really hefty trophy-sized Cubera Snapper.

Alec Shultz also returned to Zancudo Lodge and he also brought his two sons, Carter and Preston along for a short  but eventful fishing vacation. Alec released a couple of nice Sailfish offshore, one of them in the 120 lb. range and also scored  an absolute monster Roosterfish “Pez Gallo” while fishing inshore (See Above).His boys Carter and Preston also had loads of fun inshore with roosters and a few Snappers.

Returning guests, John and Flo Alonzo were also here at the lodge last week and had a great time fishing with us. Despite the tough offshore conditions, John released a few Sailfish. Like I mentioned earlier, the conditions offshore seem to be steadily improving and we are certain that the billfish bite will turn on again very soon. The great part about fishing the waters of Costa Rica is that you always have options and our guests were more than happy to take the opportunity and fish for what’s biting.

Tight Lines!

Albert Battoo
The Zancudo Lodge

Fishing Report (19-26 Jan 2017)

For decades, Costa Rica has been well known for the epic billfish bite that usually occurs every year from around January thru May and this year is no different. We are very happy to report that the annual ‘Pez Vela’ run has begun at Zancudo Lodge. We have been experiencing great Sailfish action just 5-8 miles offshore with some captains reporting up to 15 sails per day. The conditions are absolutely perfect along the Pacific coast with lots of free jumpers so our expert crews are having little trouble keeping our eager guests on the action.There has been a few days when the bite has been really crazy, with multiple hookups especially during the morning periods. Inshore action has also been outstanding and both Roosterfish and Cubera Snapper have been willing to tug on the lines.  Several guests had some amazing action with some pretty hefty ‘pez gallos‘ in the 40-50 lb range.
Yellowfin Tuna have also been showing up offshore on a few days, but it seems like getting a hook in them has been difficult lately. We did however manage to get on a few nice fish in the 40-70 lb. range. Out on the seamounts, the action has slowed to a crawl, but there are a few blues around and  some guests did manage to score a few.

Jim Brannon and Scott Baird had an epic fishing experience at Zancudo Lodge. It was a bucket list trip for these guys and they had an absolute blast. Both Jim and Scott caught lots of fish including many sails, roosterfish, including Scott’s 50 lb. monster,  a few snapper and several other inshore species. Jim had his GoPro handy and shot some really cool footage. Here’s a short video of their trip.

Tom and Julie Magardino from Naples, Florida were also here at Zancudo Lodge last week. It was their second time to the lodge and they also had a fantastic experience, releasing 7 Sailfish from 9 bites.
Tom hooked into a nice Blue Marlin but unfortunately it threw the hook during the fight. Better luck next time Tom; you’ll get them next time. The Kleva Family also fished with us last week and besides from the great fishing, Steven Kelva celebrated his 80th Birthday at the lodge, and no better way to celebrate it than by catching a Blue Marlin. Congratulations Steven, we look forward to seeing you guys again next season and will be sure to have another cake ready for you.  Tony and Tawnya Reid also joined us at the lodge last week and it was quite a first experience, especially for Tawnya who released both her first Blue Marlin estimated at 300 lbs. and first Pacific Sailfish. Tony also released a Blue Marlin that went 280 lbs. There’s always so many fish tales to tell but as they say, a picture is worth 1,000 words.  I hope you enjoy them and remember to keep checking us out from time to time for more reports. I’m sure we’ll have lots to write about in the next few months.

Tight Lines,

Albert Battoo
The Zancudo Lodge


Fishing Report (29 Dec – 4 Jan 2017)

HAPPY NEW YEAR…… It’s another red hot week of fishing at Zancudo Lodge, Costa Rica and there are lots more amazing fish stories to be told. The seamounts have been on fire lately and our expert crews have been getting up to 12 shots at Blue Marlin on most of the days offshore. There are very few places on the planet where this kind of marlin action is even possible and we are very fortunate to be able to enjoy such a fantastic fishery. We are getting bites closer in too but the blue water has been a bit far offshore lately which is very uncommon for this time of the year. The sailfish bite has been a bit slow offshore, but it’s still early. We’re spotting many free jumpers and I suspect that any time now they will be here in big numbers. There’s a few Dorado prowling in the current lines and schools of Yellowfin Tuna are also keeping the rods bent.

The Bayne Family

Last week we hosted the Bayne Family who returned from the UK after a very successful trip last season. Julian and his wife Deborah along with their son and daughter, James and Alexandra had an amazing trip, releasing 10 Blue Marlin, 1 Black Marlin,  a few Dorado and several school size Yellowfin Tuna. The great part was that it was the first time any of them had ever caught a marlin. James even caught a Blue on fly by accident. He hooked into a small tuna with a 10wt. outfit and just as he was about to get the fish to the boat, a blue marlin grabbed the tuna within a few feet from the motors. It was a grueling fight but luckily for James, the marlin stayed on the surface most of the time. We had an amazing time hosting the Baynes and it’s really true what they say about good karma and good fishing going hand in hand!

Deborah Bayne on a HOT Blue

Richard Katsma and his wife Chris also brought in the new year with us at Zancudo Lodge. They also got into some serious marlin action offshore releasing 2 Blue Marlin on the second day out and an amazing 6 Marlin from 8 bites, including a Black Marlin on their second trip to the seamount. Richard and Chris also had some good action inshore on some pretty good size Roosterfish and a few Dorado offshore. Our returning guests, Wesley Jess and Chad Somerlot also had a wonderful trip to the lodge. It’s Wes’ eighth visit to Zancudo for obvious reasons; the fishing here is just spectacular.

Wes and Chad-Double Mahi Mahi

They spent the first few days catching Dorado and Snapper with Capt. Rafa and on their third day, Wes and Chad took a trip to the seamount where Chad had an opportunity to catch his first Black Marlin estimated at 500 lbs. Chad also released a Blue while Wes scored 2 Blues that day and Tristan, our resident watersport instructor & photographer also released his first Blue Marlin. We simply could not have had a better week of fishing to begin our 2017 year.

Tight Lines

Albert Battoo
The Zancudo Lodge

Fishing Report 18-28 December 2016

Our 2017 Season is off to a great start and we are having very little trouble keeping our guests busy with great fishing opportunities both offshore and inshore. The Marlin bite has been spectacular this month and it seems like everyday schools of Yellowfin Tuna are showing up out on the edge. The sails have yet to arrive in big numbers but it’s still a bit early, however we expect the annual migration to occur in early January, and we’re ready for them. Inshore fishing has been very consistent with loads of Roosterfish, a few Snappers, Golden and Spotted Trevally, with several boats reporting as many to 25 shots per day.

Frank Legaki and Alicia Torres had an incredible first experience fishing at Zancudo Lodge and this couple had some amazing luck. On the first day, fishing with Capt. Tito, Alicia released her first ever Blue Marlin estimated at around 280 lbs. The next day they headed inshore and both Frank and Alicia scored huge on Roosterfish and also released a few Cubera Snappers, Jacks and Pompanos. On the final day of the trip, Capt. Tito took the couple offshore and; they released 3 Blue Marlin and a Striped Marlin. What a way to end an already fantastic fishing trip. Congrats on all the great fish and photos. We’ll be sure to see these folks again soon. Our friend Jack Hart was back to favorite fishing spot this Christmas and is always a welcome sight at the Zancudo Lodge. Its Jack 6th trip and in his words, his most successful trip to date. Jack caught just about species that live in the bountiful Costa Rican waters. Let’s start off with an amazing 5 Blue Marlin releases, Sailfish and a boat load of Yellowfin Tuna, one weighing in at 110 lbs. Inshore he crushed the Roosterfish, releasing 15 in just one day, several Snapper and a few other inshore critters to round off the trip. It was nonstop action all the way! We certainly look forward to seeing you again next year. Lorenzo and his son Archie Le Flanchec flew in from France to spend the Christmas holidays at Zancudo Lodge. These guys had a great time and focused mainly on popping the coastline in search of Costa Rica’s coveted Roosterfish and Cubera Snapper, and offshore to test their spinning tackle on feisty Yellowfin Tu
a. They had great success on Roosterfish, releasing several up to 40 lbs. and also got into some pretty amazing Yellowfin Tuna action. They scored several in the 50-60 lb. range.  Archie also released a beautiful Sailfish offshore.

Check out this rare UNDERWATER footage ofJack Hart’s Blue Marlin charging a live bait. Video footage caught on a GoPro at Zancudo Lodge, Costa Rica.

On behalf of the Zancudo Lodge team, we would like to wish all our guests a very Merry Christmas and a prosperous and Happy New Year. We ’re looking forward to seeing you all in 2017 for some of Costa Rica finest fishing action, so be sure to check out the fishing reports. See you soon!

Tight Lines

Albert Battoo
The Zancudo Lodge


Fishing Report 11-17 December 2016

Our season is off to a great start and with the Christmas holidays right around the corner we are pleased to report that the fishing has has been nothing short of spectacular. Sailfish are showing up in good numbers offshore and the Yellowfin Tuna bite has been crazy!

Our captains are busy chasing birds huge schools of porpoise out on the edge, in search of these brutes. Pound for pound, tuna are perhaps considered one of the strongest fish that swim in the ocean. Ask Keith Brossard, who caught one in the 90 lb. range on stand-up tackle while fishing with Capt. Raphael Lopez.
What about Cosmo Goss’s double Yellowfin Tuna caught on a single popper while casting into a school of feeding tuna. Check out the video!

Zancudo Lodge also hosted  Bruce Bochy, Manager of the San Francisco Giants came to experience some of Costa Rica’s fantastic game-fishing. Randy and Deborah Houston founders of the Purple Heart Foundation were also at the lodge. The foundation is a fundraising engine of the Military Order of the Purple Heart, who raises money to support The Order’s programs and services.

This group had an awesome time; Bruce, Randy, Jay Johnson and Gary Rufa also fished out at the seamount and released 3 Blue Marlin. Joel and Wanda Davis also accompanied the group and Joel had a great day catching Roosterfish inshore.

There was certainly no shortage of great fish stories at the dinner table; and the good news is that we just getting warmed up. Things are going to get really heated up after the Christmas holidays so stay tuned for more great fishing at Zancudo Lodge.

Tight Lines!

Albert Battoo
Zancudo Lodge


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THE ZANCUDO LODGE, is located in Costa Rica and is surrounded by the beauty of Costa Rican wildlife, idyllic jungle foliage and our private beach. The Zancudo Lodge offers our guests the ultimate adventurous getaway and is regarded as one of the top fishing lodges worldwide with 80% of our clients returning every year.

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